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Crafting  up  the  Classics

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Custom World

All thanks to Zetry

Minecraft's world generation is something we've all seen before.  But thanks to the amazing Zetry, we payed for and acquired a 6k block custom island, with incredible detail and care put into each block.  Every tree, every mountain, every patch of grass has a human origin.  Thanks to this, our map is memorable and monumental.

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Bedrock Compatibility

And not just the basics

Questline started out as a bedrock realm, to be inclusive to all devices.  We intend to continue amonst the path of constantly supporting bedrock.  We are going through extreme efforts to test all plugins out on GyserMc and Floodgate 2.0, which provide only the best.  Our goal is that in the end, bedrock and Java players will be able to play together as if the editions were never diffrent.  The admin will also play through bedrock (except for cases when he needs java plugin access) so that support can be optimized.  


Miss the Old Site?

The old site was dealt with because it contained a lot of performance issues, with all the old clipart, as well as plenty of code errors and thematic problems.  But it is not gone, it still exists.  I (Ins0mn1a) am carrying over some more lovable features, as well as all news articles, over here.  This site contains massive loading time boosts, theme and color based generation, a shop (when we have enough money donated to pay for that website plan) and AI generated text, though I don't intend to use it.  The old website was memorable though, quirky, and fun.  So if you want, you can revisit the website.  I apologize for changing it so drastically, I just wanted to improve the many, many flaws that the old website contained.


Back to Beta

One of the most memorable features of Beta Minecraft is the lack of beds.  No skipping the night, and no setting your spawn.  Since this brought a feeling of vastness lost to the modern game, we are locking the ability to set your spawn and skip the night (for now) to increase the vast feeling of the world.  We buffed Minecarts to be as good as elytra, and we are locking dimensions until certain server goals are achived.


Share with Friends

This server wants to grow enough to be a medium sized server, and to do that, we need you.  Our playerbase.  We trust the judgment of our playerbase to invite new people.  Try and share the server in friend groups, amongst online areas, and keep in mind that if you or your friends have your own server, we would love to do a collaboration.


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